Getsun Rubber Spray Paint Removable Wheel Recolor Film G-9026

19.00 AED (Inc. Vat)

Shining Black

___This product is compounded_with polymer composites, petroleum solvent and pigment.

___It can naturally_solidify and form a layer of elastic film.

___It also can be damp proof_acid proof and anti friction and anti corrosion, it is a superior protection to the wheel

___Customers 100%Satisfied_We ‘ll provide 30 days no excuse return, if you have questions about this Getsun Rubber Spray, please contact us, our services make customers 100% satisfied.

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Shining Black


This product is compounded with polymer composites, petroleum solvent and pigment. It can naturally solidify and form a layer of elastic film.Just spray on the wheel, then the wheel will turn to the color you want.Tear it off when you don’t need, leaving no marks. It also can be damp proof, acid proof, and anti-friction and anti-corrosion, it’s a superior protection to the wheel.

Use Directions
1.Remove the rust,dirt and rust on the wheel,and dry it.
2.Fully cover the unnecessary sprayed parts with plastic film, newspaper or paper card.
3.Shake it well, and then try to spray it in a smaller area.After everything looks good (5 min later), spray it in larger areas.
4.Press the nozzle and spray it back and forth at the distance of 15-25cm from the object to ensure the evenly spraying.
5.Wait for 30min until it solidified.

1.Before spraying, fully cover the unnecessary sprayed parts.
2.When spraying keep the angle between can and level less than 45?C.
3.After spraying, leave it natural drying for 4-8 hours and its better not to wash your car in 2 days.
4.In case of the abnormal spraying in winter,soak it in the water around 25-30?Cfor 5-10min then spray again.
5.lf cannot use up one time, need to spray upside down for 3 seconds, to remove the residue for next time using.
6.Avoid contacting with diesel, alcohol and other organic solvent.
7.Store it under the temperature below 40?C and keep away from heat and flame.
8.Forbid sun exposing, puncturing or burning.
9.Keep it away from children.Avoid get in eyes, forbid eating.