Meguiar’s? Gold Class? Leather & Vinyl Cleaner, G18516, 16 oz., Spray 473ml

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Formulated with enough strength to remove stains yet gentle enough for general cleaning on all leather and vinyl surfaces Safely removes tough surface dirt and grime as well as imbedded oil and water based stains Creates “like-new” clean appearance while revitalizing leather and vinyl surfaces Ideal for preparing leather before using a leather protectant like Meguiar’s? Gold Class? Leather Conditioner? onvenient trigger spray for superior cleaning on leather and vinyl

(1) Remove stubborn stains and clean easily
(2) Deeply clean grease and stains
(3) Create a “like new” clean appearance
(4) The best way to clean leather and vinyl surfaces

(5) Non-general chemical cleaners, will not remove the natural grease of leather
(6) Special formula removes the surface stains of leather and vinyl and restores the original bright appearance
(7) All leather products such as leather seats, leather suitcases, leather sofas, leather bags, leather shoes, etc. are applicable

Model : G-18516

EAN : 070382005313