GETSUN G-7112S Tire Shine Gel Protection 250 ml

25.00 AED (Inc. Vat)

Product Description:

  • Tire gel is a complicated formula in tire gel technology.
  • It creates a dark, wet, rich, and high gloss search for a?while?for tires and prevents tires from browning.
  • DIRECTION: FOR BEST RESULT Clean tires before application;
  • for fewer?shine, just wipe the tires by?employing a?cloth.
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GETSUN G-7112S Tire Shine Gel Protection 250ml

Apply?specially formula this product is made

by water-proof polymer technique combined with ozone,

can keep the tire a fresh luster for a long time,

prevent it from cracking, aging, and fading and

prolong the service life of the tire if used regularly.