Vini-Tape Insulating Tape

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Product: Electrical Tape
Item Quantity: 10pcs
Made in Japan

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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 cm




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VINI-TAPE??is a Lead-Free & None DOP environmental?electrical tape? for all wire and cable joints rated up to 600 V.

? High Quality
VINI-TAPE? is a good quality electrical tape inequality and has excellent resistance to corrosion, Due to a elastic tape backing and high quality design of the adhesive, the tape shall be applied to not only conform and produce a uniform covering in long term, but also prevent from flagging. The high quality provides to relieve your amount of repair work.
? Excellent Workability
VINI-TAPE has easy cut quality for a special process in the side of the tape. Therefore, helps you to improve the work efficiency further more.
? Cold Resistance
With the fine resistance to cold temperature, the properties of adhesive maintain its quality.
? Excellent Storability
VINI-TAPE???tends to be stored in the warehouse which is even relatively in high temperature. VINI-TAPE?is?not deformed with high temperature and holds its shape. Good stock rotation is recommended.
? Wide Range of Colors
Bright and clear nine standard colors identify diversify cables easily and accomplish good appearance after binding.
? Environmental friendly pressure sensitive adhesive
We do not intentionally use any of the substances in EU regulations of RoHS and REACH on VINI-TAPE??, unless the substance is in an application that is exempt under these regulations.