CARONIC Double Sided Nano Tape with Scissor Heavy Duty Mounting Tape Removable Adhesive Wall Tape, Reusable and Washable Strong Sticky Two Sided Tape for Poster Carpet

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  • 🟢【Double Sided Wall Tape】This is a alternative to ordinary gluish tapes, hammers, nails, screws, and other stuff you use to attach things to other objects. you can hang up and stick items such as pictures, posters, frames, license plate, banner, crafts, decorations, balloons, carpet, fabric wall stickers, hooks, sticky pads, car phone holders, phone cases, electronics, cables, wires etc.
  • 🟢【Diverse Uses & Custom Size】Double-sided wall tape measures Lenght 5meter, Width 30mm, Thickness 2mm, Use our tape at work or to arrange things in your home. Get one for your household and stick items easily without damaging them. The removable double-sided tape can also be used in the office, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, cabinets, classroom, school, college, car and so on.
  • 🟢【The Strength in the Form of Tape】Throw all those flimsy and non-sticky tapes away. You don’t need them as there is a adhesive double-sided tape that will stick any item to any even surface. Our tape is made of the latest acrylic material that holds up to 5 lbs. at almost any temperature. The tape works in the temperature range from 0 to 150 °F. Whether you’re decorating, mending, mounting, the innovative tape will stick things together.
  • 🟢【Wash, Reuse, Enjoy No Residues】This is no ordinary tape you use once and then throw it away. You can take advantage of it for about 600 times, and it won’t lose its adhesive properties. If the tape gets messy, you can wash it with warm water and then let it dry naturally so that it regains its stickiness. Don’t use any detergents as you do the cleaning thing. Once you remove the tape, it won’t leave any residues, which means no extra cleaning or surface damage. Do Not Use on Painted Walls.
  • 🟢【Using this Double Tape Heavy Duty Mounting is Easy】First, clean the surface. Then, cut the right size of the tap using scissors or knife. Peel off the protective film and stick the tape on the item. If you would like to reuse the tape, remove it from the surface and wash the glue off. Dry it naturally and use only after it dries. If things don’t work, you can always reach our support team for help.
  • 🔴【Customers 100%Satisfied】We ‘ll provide 30 days no excuse return, if you have questions about this Nano tape, please contact us, our services make customers 100% satisfied.
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Our Double Sided tape

The Nano tape is a good solution to keep small electrical appliances and USB hubs on a shelf to stop them from moving or use them in a car or wall to hold decorations firmly.

Package included: 1/2 Nano Magic Tapes with Scissor

Size: 5Meter X 30MM X 2MM

Color: Clear

Material: Made of PU Gel+PET, non-toxic


1. Don’t use on Paint Walls, Powder Walls, Damp Walls, Broken Wall, Rough Surfaces, Greasy Surfaces, and Uneven Wall

2. In order to avoid damage, please don’t hang heavy and precious items.

3. Please don’t wipe with paper or rags after washing, otherwise the stickiness will be destroyed.



Note 1: Our double-sided nano tape could be used permanently. In case of future removal, not recommended for use on wallpaper, delicate surfaces, or painted walls with flat paint (matte finish, doesn’t reflect light). May damage that kind of surface upon removal.

Note 2: Not recommended for wet or uneven surfaces. Items may fall off when used on wet or uneven surfaces.

Note 3: Please keep the mounting surface dry, clean, and free of oil when mounting to create an instant and permanent bond. Applying the tape vertically on the items can create stronger bonds.

Note 4: Not used in applications where injury could happen if items fell down, not used for valuable items.