100pcs SDI 1361 9mm 30 Degrees Utility Cutter Blades

40.00 AED (Inc. Vat)

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Brand: SDI
Size: 0.4 x 9x 73.4 mm
Material: Alloy Steel
Thickness: 0.45mm
Angle: 30 degree

Additional information
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 cm




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Product Description
30 Degree Snap off cutter blades are the most efficient and most popular tools for any cutting jobs. The snap off sections on the blades reveal the unused sections of the blades while cutting.
These professional blades are made of high quality carbon tool steel and produced through multiple stages of precise process to obtain the ultimate sharpness and optimum edge-retention.
Snap Blades are also called Cutter Blades as the blades are used by inserting the blades inside the cutter which is made of plastic or metal . For safety the blades should be used only with the cutters which can prevent any damage or injury to the user while using the blades. CUTTER BLADE is most popular and is generic name for Snap off Blades . The fineness of the blades is determined by the material of carbon steel, the sharp edge for cutting, the longevity of use of the blades, the long life and precise cutting which results in optimum satisfaction for the customer. Cutter Blades are a much cost effective tool with greater output compared to any other cutting tool. Each blade is produced using SDI’s precise multi-step production process for amazing sharpness and superior edge retention for longer life . SDI’s cutter blades are most effective and high demand in many industries such as Leather , Plastic , Foam , Non Woven Fabrics, Yarns, Automotive Components, Vinyl Films and many more other stationery uses .