Nano Cool Metal SRC Window Film

120.00 AED220.00 AED (Inc. Vat)


Professional Window Film,
Blocks harmful sunlight UV-rays. Scratch Resistant
Cooler temperature, Privacy and Protects your car’s interior.

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0.5M X 30M, 1M X 30M


Black, Dark Black, Super Dark Black



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? You spend a lot of time in your vehicle either as a driver or passenger, so why not be comfortable? Whether you’re concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare or security, we have a window film to help you enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle.

your rooms that are too hot or you notice that your energy costs, Nano Cool Window Films can help. Our films offer protection from accidents, natural disasters, break and entry, and flying glass fragments.
? Live comfortably in every room of your home with Nano Cool Window Films. Whether you’re concerned about excessive heat and glare, faded furnishings, security or privacy, we have a window film to help you enhance?the comfort of your home.
*This Film May Not Be Legal In Your Country. Please Check With Local Laws Before Installation*

Available in Four darkness:
1: 30% Black, VLT 20%
2: 50% Dark Black, VLT 10%
3: 70% Super Dark black, VLT 3%
4: Metal 0.0, VLT 70%