Toyota Prado special push start engine

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Toyota Prado

Model Year

2018 – 2020

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Operating instructions for remote control

The smart key is an integrated RFID technology electronic component product , please follow the following instructions to prevent damage ;

1- do not put the smart key in water or in direct sunlight and high temperature ring ;
2- do not remove it at will , the average user does not have the tools to detect the component ;
3- avoid banging or slamming on other objects .


If the smart key can not open the door or can not operate the door in the normal induction , or the indicator light on the smart key is dim or not bright ;

1- Check for nearby radio stations or airport radio transmitters that interfere with the proper operation of the smart key .
2- Batteries may be depleted , check the batteries in the smart key and replace the batteries .


Lock key:

  1. Short press this key , lights Flash , horn call , Vehicle lock intoanti – theft state
  2. vehicles into anti – theft 30 seconds later , Short press this key , enter car – hunting Mode , Horn ring
  3. in anti – theft state , long press the key lock 3-5 seconds , perform Remote Start Function
  4. after successful remote start , did not unlock or did not perform other operations , long press the lock key 3-5 seconds , perform remote flameout function

Unlock key:

  1. Short press this key , the lights flash twice , the vehicle unlock . lift security status


Compound key:

  1. Long press this button to perform the boot function
  2. 5 seconds , Short press this key 5 times , the implementation of forced flameout function

Combination key:

  1. Turn off PKE function : Long Press Open key + lock key for 3-5 seconds . Turn off PKE when Horn sounds
  2. Enable PKE Function : Long Press unlock + lock key for 3-5 seconds . three honks , open PKE