Precision Tire Pressure Gauge Dial Mechanical Tire Gauge with Flexible Hose and Angled Chuck, Certificated Accuracy Analog Air Pressure Gauge for Cars, Trucks, Bicycles PCT-6231

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  • ___All-Purpose Air Pressure Gauge for Tires_Easy to use with cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and kid?s bicycles these portable tire gauges make it easy to get a quick, accurate reading to ensure proper inflation.
  • ___Improve Tire Safety and Longevity_A quality car tire gauge can make all the difference when you?re trying to maintain factory tire inflation requirements to help improve gas mileage, control of the vehicle, and overall road safety.
  • ___Compact and Portable_Slim enough to fit in your vehicle?s glovebox, a tool bag or even your front shirt pocket thanks to the convenient pocket clip our tire gauge pressure tools can go almost anywhere you go.
  • ___Heavy-Duty Craftsmanship_Designed with a stainless-steel body and heavy-duty chrome head each car and bike tire pressure gauge offers long-lasting durability and convenience, so you always know you?re getting reliable results.
  • ___Customers 100%Satisfied_We ‘ll provide 180 days no excuse return, if you have questions about this Tire Pressure Gauge, please contact us, our services make customers 100% satisfied.
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Dimensions 13 × 2.5 × 21 cm


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Tire Pressure Gauge for vehicle

Compact design small tyre pressure plan, are comfortable

and easy to wear, with good durability and exact measurements


that is ideal for all types of restarting the tyre inner pressure

inside the vehicle recording, data reading units use straight for kg Printing,

very comfortable.

Operation step:


1. the valve tyre the lips The cap does not twist.
2. will tyre pressure copper (so) valve mouth screw head Floss in the project.
3 Tyre Pressure Gauge will show the tyre pressure.


4th such as tyre pressure is insufficient, please air from the air valve,

fine adjustment of pressure the direction apply firm downward pressure gas,

such as tyre pressure is too high, please.


5 The measurement twists the copper head, press the air valve,

Jiang Zhi clock zero, turn on the original tyre valve caps.

1 unit conversion 1kgf/cm2 = 98kpa
2 normal the vehicle, the maintenance man,

place the tyre pressure once a month.


PCT-6231 Gauge Design of small tire pressure plan,

easy to carry, the operation is simple


Good durability with accurate readings

Restart the tire pressure inside the vehicle detection


Read data units directly for kg pressure, use very convenient

Applicable to all kinds of Vehicles

Item EAN: 0636601233259