STP Heavy Duty- Engine Degeasers, 500ml/16oz, GST73500ENP, Pack of 1

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  • Heavy duty brake cleaner
  • Ideal use when changing disks and pads
  • Assists in the prevention of uneven braking, noise and chattering
  • Washes away lining dust, brake fluid, oily road film and grit to leave brake surfaces clean
  • Suitable for drum brakes, heavy duty disc brakes, clutch assemblies and plates
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Stp heavy duty engine degreaser is a proven blend of powerful grease stripping and metal cleaning solvents, packaged for do-it-yourself use

Designed to penetrate and dissolve heavy caked-on grease grime give the engine a professional clean

Product description
Stp foaming cleaner & engine degreaser is a heavy duty citrus-scented formula that clings to surfaces cut through tough grime, oil, and grease clean restore the appearance of under-the-hood parts, plastics, vinyl, metals. This powerful, penetrating brings shine tools cleans automotive small engines with ease. Directions for use cleaning: off cool, check exposed or frayed wires. Cover air intake, electrical contact points, carburetors, then liberally spray onto soiled areas. Let soak up 5 minutes, wipe brush away grime deposits. Water, careful not points. Leave surface drip-dry excess remove any covers shielding intake. Idle 15 minutes. Tool on tools. Deposits paper towels. Usage frequency as needed

Model : GST73500ENP