Smart Auto Electric Tailgate Lift for Hyundai Tucson 2015

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Condition: New
Placement on Vehicle: TailGate

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70 × 25 × 15 cm



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Smart Auto Electric Tailgate Lift for Hyundai Tucson 2015


Product Features

Press on the remote control to open/close the tailgate,
even if your hands are busy, you do this easily.

Smart avoid pinch, user-safely
While the tailgate is closing, once it touches the obstacles(people or things),
it will bounce back automatically or stop there, so avoiding hurt you.

Set the height, user-friendly
The tailgate can memory the height, the user pulls the gate to a level she could reach,
then long press on the button so the height is settled. Next time, you open it,

it stay the height you set.
So girls never afraid that it will be too high for you to reach.

Button in driver?s seat, control easily
When you are in the driver?s seat, press the button to control the tailgate easily.

Button on the tailgate, great hand control
A light touch on the button on the tailgate closes as you require.

Sound and light alarm, warning timely
When close or open the tailgate,
the backlight on and send out sound to alarm the driver
and knowing the back situation to avoid damage or security risks.

No break of the car?s circuit/diagram

Release One Foot Activated is optional
One foot-activated feature is a kind of smart trunk sensor system.
It will identify the car owner by remote control and then detect

the whole process of foot up-down to open or close the trunk automatically.