CARONIC Rotating Solar Helicopter Car Air Freshener – Airplane Car Perfume, Long-Lasting Scent, (Black)

34.99 AED (Inc. Vat)



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Power source

Solar Powered

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82.00 gram

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Black , Blue , Red



Power Source

Solar Powered

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Elevate Your Driving Experience with CARONIC Rotating Solar Helicopter Car Air Fresheners

Keeping your car smelling fresh and pleasant is essential for an enjoyable driving experience. The CARONIC Rotating Solar Helicopter Car Air Freshener is designed to eliminate odors, maintain a fragrant atmosphere, and add a touch of elegance to your vehicle. Here’s why this innovative car air freshener is a must-have accessory.

Long-Lasting Fragrance

The CARONIC car air freshener is crafted to deliver a long-lasting fragrance that effectively eliminates odors and keeps the air in your car fresh. Its gentle and pleasant scent is safe for everyone, including pregnant women and babies, ensuring a comfortable environment for all passengers.

Solar-Powered Drive

Say goodbye to the hassle of charging or replacing batteries. This air freshener uses solar energy to power its intelligent rotating mechanism. As long as there is sunlight, the device automatically rotates, accelerating the diffusion of the aroma throughout your vehicle. This eco-friendly feature ensures continuous operation without any additional energy costs.

Innovative and Elegant Design

The CARONIC car air freshener boasts a unique and stylish design. Made from lightweight luxury alloy, it features an imitating flying saucer base and a helicopter-inspired shape. This mini and elegant design serves not only as an effective aromatherapy solution but also as a sophisticated decoration for your car interior.

Improve Air Quality

Beyond just masking odors, the CARONIC air freshener improves overall air quality. Its integrated aromatherapy core releases a fresh, natural scent that makes you feel like you’re in the midst of nature. This enhancement in air quality contributes to a more pleasant and healthier driving environment.

Versatile Usage

While perfect for your car dashboard, the CARONIC air freshener is also versatile enough for use in other settings. It can be placed in your bedroom, home, office desk, or any other location that could benefit from a refreshing aroma. Its stylish design makes it a great gift choice for friends and family, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any space.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At CARONIC, customer satisfaction is a top priority. The company offers a 30-day no-excuse return policy to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns about your car air freshener, CARONIC’s customer service team is ready to assist you and ensure your satisfaction.


The CARONIC Rotating Solar Helicopter Car Air Freshener is an exceptional accessory for those looking to enhance their vehicle’s atmosphere. With its long-lasting fragrance, solar-powered rotation, innovative design, and ability to improve air quality, this air freshener offers both practical and aesthetic benefits. Its versatile application and guaranteed customer satisfaction make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a fresh, pleasant, and stylish driving experience. Transform your car and other spaces with the CARONIC air freshener and enjoy the difference it makes.