Meguiar’s Carpet and Cloth Re ? Fresher, 24 oz

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  • Odor eliminator: Removes bad smells from inside your car ? smoke, pet accidents and more
  • Air freshener: Instantly refreshes your car?s interior
  • New car smell: Leaves behind a pleasant new car scent
  • No residue: Works without leaving any residue or film
  • Optimal use: Excellent as a refresher and touch-up after deep cleaning with Meguiar?s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
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Meguiar?s Carpet and Cloth Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator Spray quickly and permanently removes unpleasant odors including smoke, pet accidents and more. Developed specifically for an automotive interior, this formula is effective even in hot or humid climates. Simply spray wherever there’s a foul odor or after you clean up a spill; that’s it. With its pleasant New Car scent you’ll forget what it smelled like before. Meguiar’s Re-Fresher technology permanently removes existing bad odors through chemical bonding at a molecular level.

EAN : 070382013158