Land Cruiser Special 360 Camera

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Special 360 Degree Bird View Panorama System
4 Cameras 1080P Night Vision Car DVR Recorder Rear View Camera
Special 360 Degree Bird View Panorama System for Land Cruiser

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Land Cruiser Special 360 Camera


1. The products are certified by CLAYTON Mark. After strict high temperature,

low temperature, vibration, and aging tests.

The components use automotive regular-grade materials.

2. The interface menu is rich, providing users with a variety of options.
3. With independent technology, independent R&D, the industry’s

best hardware and software solutions, cost-effective.
4. Debug automation, convenient method, simple tool

(only need some debugging ruler help and complete debugging in 5 minutes,

complete stitching in 10 seconds (input parameters, software smart stitching).
5. Instant start, in time.
6. Smooth screen, full-frame output at 30 frames per second, no glare

Main function:

– Perfect bird view (aerial view,? round view, or panoramic view) of the car surroundings
– 4 Channel recording from the 4 cameras
– HD colorful chip lens, night vision function, waterproof
– The panorama is both driving assistance system and the tachograph system
– 360-degree panoramic imaging system parking, loading four HD CMOS cameras