K POWER Portable Power Generator & Car Jump Starter – 1400 Peak Amp, 48000mAh, 200W, 220V, 260PSI Air Compressor, LED Light – High Power Safety

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Battery cell composition

Sealed Lead Acid


220 Volts

Vehicle service type

Passenger Car, Motorcycle

Battery capacity

48000 Milliamp Hours

Additional information

3 kg


27.6 × 18.5 × 26.5 cm


K Power


220 Volts

Battery Capacity

48000 Milliamp Hours

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K Power PS-3700 Power Generator & Jump Starter: Your Reliable Companion for Power and Safety

In today’s fast-paced world, having a reliable power source and emergency backup can make all the difference. The K Power PS-3700 Power Generator & Jump Starter is designed to provide you with portable power and jump-start capabilities, ensuring you’re never left stranded. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip, camping adventure, or facing an unexpected emergency, this versatile and powerful device has got you covered.

Powerful and Versatile Jump-Starting Capabilities

The K Power PS-3700 is equipped with a sealed lead-acid battery boasting a capacity of 12V 10000mAh. With peak amps of 300AMP, this device can effectively jump-start 12V vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, boats, and other compatible vehicles. This makes it an essential tool for dealing with unexpected battery failures, providing you with peace of mind and reliable performance.

Convenient USB Charging Port

In addition to its jump-start capabilities, the PS-3700 features a 5V 2.1A USB output port. This allows you to charge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices on the go. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or on a long road trip, you can keep your essential devices powered up and ready to use.

Integrated 260PSI Air Compressor

The PS-3700 includes a built-in air compressor with a 260PSI rating, enabling you to inflate tires or other inflatable items quickly and efficiently. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining proper tire pressure, ensuring safe and efficient travel. It’s also handy for inflating sports equipment, air mattresses, and other inflatables during outdoor adventures.

12V DC Port for Additional Accessories

This power generator and jump starter is equipped with a 12V DC port, specifically a 12V 11A cigarette lighter output port. This feature allows you to power or charge various 12V devices, such as car vacuums, portable fridges, or other accessories that require a 12V power source. It’s a versatile solution for all your on-the-road power needs.

Enhanced Safety and Convenience Features

For added convenience and safety, the PS-3700 includes a work light consisting of three LED lights. These lights provide illumination in low-light or emergency situations, ensuring you have adequate visibility when you need it most. Additionally, the device features a colourful battery indicator, allowing you to easily check the remaining power and ensure you’re never caught off guard.

Durable and Portable Design

Despite its powerful capabilities, the PS-3700 remains lightweight at just 4.0kg. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and store when not in use. The device is constructed from durable TPE+PPF material, which provides protection from potential impacts and rough handling. This ensures that your PS-3700 remains in top condition, ready for use whenever you need it.

Easy Recharging with AC Adapter

Recharging the PS-3700 is straightforward with the included AC charging adapter, which outputs 12V 500mA DC. This allows you to recharge the device using a standard wall outlet, ensuring that your power generator and jump starter are always ready for action.


In summary, the K Power PS-3700 Power Generator & Jump Starter is a reliable and versatile companion for outdoor adventures and emergency situations. Its jump-start capabilities, USB ports, air compressor, work light, and compact design offer convenience, functionality, and peace of mind when you’re on the road. Whether you’re dealing with a dead battery, inflating tires, or powering your devices, the PS-3700 has got you covered. Equip your vehicle with this essential tool and travel with confidence, knowing you have a reliable power source at your fingertips.