Gunk CEB1 Engine Shine Protector and Detailer 15 Oz 425ml

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2-in-1 engine cleaner and detailer
Makes future clean ups easier
Leaves a satin-like finish
Citrus scent

GUNK Engine Protector Shine
The Maker of One of Industry?s Best Cleaners and Degreasers
Trust in a name that is one of the world leaders in engine degreasing and has been making some of the world?s best cleaners for over 55 yrs.

Protects All Surfaces Under The Hood
GUNK Engine Protector Shine locks in the clean with a tough protective layer that makes future clean ups easier. It also leaves behind an impressive satin-like finish on under hood surfaces like hoses, plastic and metal parts as well as a pleasant citrus scent.

Works On Multiple Vehicle Types
Our formula contains no silicone that creates greasy, dust-collecting buildup. It?s safe for use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, power mowers, marine, heavy-duty rigs, farm equipment, tractors, industrial machinery and more. If it?s got an engine, we keep it defended.

EAN : 078698117683