Guardian Warriors Nano Ceramic

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It is very easy to operate; it is the most professional
paint protection currently.

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Real coating is a new craft of paint protection, its main material is
inorganic chemical glass ingredients silicone dioxide, with good chemical
stability. after contacting with water in the air, form a formation of film
under normal temperature, firmly attached on the car paint will not fall off,
oxidate and decompose, can effectively improve the hardness of paints.
avoid regular minor scratches, and effectively protect paint from damage
caused by acid rain, oxidation, and bird dung, iron powder, asphalt, scale
and so on. The paints that have been operated coating film will be bright
as a mirror, under normal car washing, film can keep 1-3 years, its smoothness
make dust on the surface difficult to attach on the paint
when do car washing. it is very easy to operate; it is the most professional
paint protection currently.

No matter which kind of car, it will be much admired if having gorgeous
and gloss However, nearly every car will emerge the deteriorative
phenomenon as below UV radiation makes the car paint oxidized. color
fading and gloss disappear the corrosion of acid rain, insects? bird
droppings, sticker and Chemical materials to cars makes car paint form,
sports and gloss disappear Try hair mark will lessen the painting effect
so, it?s the best solution to protect car paint by coating with high gloss, abrasive resistance, anti-corrosion coating film.

Prevent the paint from oxidation and aging: Does not contain oil, and its non-organic (glass crystal) film formed after operation, can attach on the car paint closely and never fall off isolated from the air. Prevent the paint from oxidation and aging.
Improve the clarity of paint: Make the car gloss.
Corrosion-resistant: hard non-organic film (glass crystal) can protect the paint from corrosion caused by acid rain, winged insects, and bird dropping film can protect the paint from damage caused by acid rain and other corrosive substance. And avoid it fading.
Its high temperature resistance function: Can effectively reflect the external sun, light thus preventing damage from high temperature.
Anti-scratch: improve the hardness of paint to 7H. which is far higher than car wax or glaze(2h-4h). can protect the paint from damage.

Easy to wash: Excellent cleaning and water-proofing. not attach dusts
and besmirch. just flushing with water can washing the paint and make it
Long lasting toughness and extensibility: Its mirror effect can maintain
for 2 years.
Environmental materials: Will not oxidation and cause secondary
pollution. Traditional waxing and glazing will cause secondary pollution
Excellent water-proofing: Once water fall off on the car body, it will slide
down, thus will not form water marks.

Step 1 : Take out the degreasing agent and pour moderate to the towel to
remove the oil film, until no oil film left, then wipe the whole car.
paint to degrease
Step 2: Take out the crystalline and protectant, use a clean and dry
sponge, pour slight crystal plate agent to the sponge, smear car paint with
cross method. each time smear 50x 50cm to avoid unpointing Then
smear the protectant to car paint in the same way, wait for 2-5 min. wipe
car paint with microfiber towel, until the bright mirror effect come into being.

1. After applying, need to wait 2 hours until crystal surface is dry naturally. dont
Put water on it during this period.
2: Do not wash your car in 7 days.
3. please inspect the effect in the place with plenty light, avoid left liquid.
Check that, if there are some uneven gloss places. If so, please apply it once
more as above process.