Getsun G-1116B Emergency Tyre Weld Puncture Repair 450 ML

12.00 AED (Inc. Vat)

Car tire emergency repair agent standing a can of GETSUN even peek into the tire was run into unexpected burst, you can also safe, fast, simple and drove home without on-site tire change. GETSUN only applicable to tubeless tires.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 16 cm




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_ ?Getsun Tyre Weld 450 ML
The driving speed of not more than 45 KM. Getsun Emergency tire repair agent should not be used to repair a large hole or side hole: can not be used have been dismantled from the rims of the tires. This product features a unique automatic filing repair agent can be quickly and efficiently into the tire, to ensure operation saves time and effort.

Item EAN: 6944259835638