Formula 1 Foaming Wheel Cleaner, 23Oz, 615254, Multi-Colour

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  • Shine on: Rims that sparkle and shine make your car look great. Formula 1 Wheel and tire cleaner cleans brake dust on contact to make the job easy.
  • Deep clean: Powerful foam penetrates wheel detail, and gives tires a rich black color
  • Wheel protection: Our foaming wheel cleaner is a non-acid formula, safe for all wheels and tires.
  • Car care tip: brake dust is always going to accumulate on wheels, but if you apply a coating of formula 1 premium carnauba wax, not only will you get an extra bright shine, removing brake dust will be easier
  • Instructions: Rinse wheel and tire with water before use. Clean wheels one at a time. Apply liberally to a cool wheel. Dirty wheels and tires may require cleaning with a brush or sponge. Rinse with a strong stream of water. Dry wheel with clean cloth. A second application may be necessary for dirty or neglected wheels
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Formula 1 foaming wheel cleaner safely cleans all wheels instantly. Dissolves toughest brake dust on contact. Cleans like an acid-based wheel cleaner, but is safe for all wheels, even clear-coated. Restores wheels’ original luster and shine.

EAN : 071099152543