Formula 1 Carnauba Liquid Wax (473 ml)

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Offers long lasting protection for paint finishes
Restores paint color, eliminates minor scratches and haze for maximum shine
Application on all paint finishes, including clear coat

Product description
Design:Liquid Wax
Formula 1 Carnauba Liquid Wax: Formulated with No.1 Grade Carnauba for deepest shine and lasting protection. Manufactured by Northern Labs Inc., USA – World’s No.1 brand of care care products from pure and natural Grade 1 Carnauba Wax derived from the leaf of palm tree in Brazil. Formula 1: India?s oldest and largest selling car-care brand. A rich heritage since 25 years. Marketed in over 75 countries worldwide. Helpful Hints Allow wax to dry to a haze before removing. Wax should be powdery when buffing off. When removing wax, use a very soft cloth. As soon as the cloth movement feels resistance, find a fresh surface. High humidity and oxidation can both make wax more difficult to remove. Remove wax once it has dried. Allowing the wax to sit or bake onto the finish will not leave a better shine. It will just be more difficult to remove.

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