Kaier A100 Car Horn

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Kaier 12v Car Horn Snail Horn 2pcs(1Set).

High-Quality Diaphragm – Longest service?existence.

The loud, clear, and deep-sound Made from quality metals.

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Car Sound Horn


  • Kaier 12v Car Horn Snail Horn 2pcs(1Set) – Powerful 115 dB Dual Tone – High-Quality Diaphragm – Longest service existence.
  • An effective horn for emergency situations, and when the right buyer is located the train horn will increase the cost of your car or truck. The best Train horns are easily mounted and supply a high-quality loud horn for your car or truck.
  • Horns sound good. It is as easy as that. With a variety of options, you can find a really cool sounding horn for your vehicle. If you desire a bass undertone a longer horn will assist you to achieve that, electric kinds of horns can produce a musical quality, and shorter horns provide a greater pitch.
  • With a range of preferences, your instruction horn set up will sound precisely the way you envision it.
  • May increase fee of Vehicle. Choosing a Horn to Maximize Benefits.
  • Our loud car horn has powerful direct-injection mini compressors, equipped with screws and brackets, very easy for you to install. they are small devices that can produce incredible sound