RoadPower Full Car Cover Sunscreen Heat Protection Dustproof Anti-UV Scratch-Resistant

85.00 AED140.00 AED (Inc. Vat)


Material: PVC & Cotton Fabric
Vehicle service type: Universal
Ultraviolet light protection: True
Water resistance level: Waterproof

Additional information
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 37 × 44 × 15 cm



GMC, Land Cruiser, Large, Medium, Nissan Patrol, Small, SUV, XLarge, XXLarge



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Size Full Car Cover Size Full Car cover
Small (S) 165″ x 65″ x 47″ -inch New Nissan Patrol (N.P.) 212″ x 78″ x 70″ -inch
Medium (M) 170″ x 65″ x 47″ -inch New Land Cruiser (L.C.) 232″ x 80″ x 63″ -inch
Large (L) 190″ x 70″ x 47″ -inch New GMC 231″ x 69.3″ x 66″ -inch
Extra Large (XL) 210″ x 70″ x 48″ -inch SUV 195″ x 75″ x 70″ -inch
Double Extra Large (XXL) 220″ x 80″ x 48″ -inch

Car Cover RoadPower, Portable & Easy to fold

Designed for defense against Rain,UV rays, tree and birds droppings
Protecting Paint ,This car cover is made of 3 layers nylon fabric(soft material)that won’t scratch paint, includes convenient storage bag.
Suitable for indoor and short term outdoor storage

Breathable fabric fights off rot, mildew and corrosion.

Include diver side zip any time you need open door no need to take out all from your car , just unzip and open driver door.

Available in multi size Small, medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge , Land Cruiser , GMC, ”

Item EAN:
GMC: 0636601234027
Large: 0636601234041
Medium: 0636601234058
Small: 0636601234065
XLarge: 0636601234072
XXLarge: 0636601234089
Land Cruiser: 0636601234034