Meguiar’s Quick Car Cleaning Wax 24 Ounce

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  • It can be applied to wet or dry paint,
  • Providing a deep,
  • Dark gloss and shine while adding protection
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Car Cleaning Wax Spray



1. Large capacity, one bottle may be used 12 times,

is universal for the entire car exterior, all kinds of vehicle paint.


2. Improve hardness and decrease scratches: Sand erosion

reasons various scratches on the paint floor,

forming a protecting layer after coating, lowering, or avoiding

scratches due to outside forces, and lowering the diploma of harm to the paint.


3. High-temperature resistance, no trace of burning: After exposure to

daylight and ultraviolet radiation, it’s going to motive oxidative

fading of the paint. After the use of this hand-sprayed wax,

it could correctly face up to the oxidative discoloration due to excessive

temperature and make the paint brighter.

keep away from ensuing in unnecessary waste!


4. Simple operation: One sprinkle and one wipe, smooth coating

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