HXSJ L500 61 Keys Wireless Gaming Keyboard Dual Mode BT5.0 + 2.4G RGB Backlight Mechanical Feel Membrane Keyboard

90.00 AED (Inc. Vat)

SKU: L500
  • Connection: Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Layout: 61 Keys
  • keyboard Type: Gaming, Typing,Office, Both
  • Keyboards by Size: 60% / Compact Keyboards
  • Luminous type: RGB
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1 kg


33 × 14 × 5 cm




Black , White



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Brand: HXSJ
Model number: L500
Item name: (BT5.0 + 2.4G) dual-mode wireless illuminated keyboard
Interface Type: TYPE-C
Connection method: bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G
product type: Membrane keyboard
Built-in battery capacity: 2200mA
Number of keys: 61 Keys
Button life: 10 million times or more
Operating Voltage: 3.0V±5% DC
Working current: 50mA (MAX)
Charging Cable: 1.5M Type-C Interface
Keycap material: ABS
Multimedia: With multimedia (carving)
System compatibility: Compatible with mac/IBM PC Win98SE/Me/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN 7/WIN10 system and the latest version.
Supported devices: Multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers can be connected at the same time.
Product weight: 389g
Product size: 29.2*10.2*4CM
Package weight: 540g
Packing size: 32*13*4.5m
Package included:
1 x Gaming keyboard
1 x USB receiver
1 x 1.5M Type-C charging cable
1 x English User manual
Compound function key switch:
Backlight adjustment:
FN + U = streamer speed acceleration,
FN + J=The streamer speed slows down, there are 5 speeds to adjust; the always-on backlight cannot be adjusted.
FN +O= Enhanced backlight brightness, 3 levels adjustable;
FN + L = the brightness of the backlight is reduced, 3 levels adjustable;
FN + I = Backlight off/on, cyclic switching;
FN + K= Streamer light switching mode;
Compound function key switch:
FN+Q: switch to 2.4G function;
FN+E: switch to bluetooth function;
FN+R=Volume reduction
FN+T=Volume up
N+Win =Lock the key Win and APP
FN+`~ key: Esc
FN+1! key: F1
FN+2@ key: F2
FN+3# key: F3
FN+4$ key: F4
FN+5% key: F5
FN+6^ key: F6
FN+7& key: F7
FN+8* key: F8
FN+9 (Key: F9
FN+0) key: F10
FN+- key: F11
FN+ =+ key: F12
FN+Back key: Delete
Dual-mode connection instructions:
BT connection method:
1. Turn the switch at the bottom of the keyboard to the ON state.
2. Long press the “FN+E” key, at this time, there is a red light flashing quickly at the top of the W key, and the keyboard enters the transmit bluetooth code pairing state (code pairing mode).
3. Open your own bluetooth device search and find BT5.1 KB and click connect, the LED stops flashing, and the bluetooth connection is successful.
2.4G connection method:
1. Turn the switch at the bottom of the keyboard to the ON state.
2. Long press the “FN+Q” button, at this time, there is a green light flashing quickly at the top of the E button. The keyboard enters the 2.4G pairing mode.
3. Insert the 2.4G receiver, after the connection is successful, the green light of the E key stops flashing, and it is complete.
Automatic sleep power saving mode:
1. Supports not operating the keyboard within 30 seconds, the backlight turns off by itself, the keyboard enters the sleep state, press any key to wake up.
2. The charging indicator light is red when charging, and the light is off when fully charged.When the low voltage indicator is flashing, it indicates that the battery is insufficient, please charge it in time;
3. Built-in 2200mA capacity battery, fully charged with 5V/1A equipment in about 2 hours; you can continue to use this product while charging.