Wireless Apple Carplay dongle / USB Carplay Adapter for Android

Wireless Apple Carplay dongle / USB Carplay Adapter for Android

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Material: PC, aluminum foil
Color: white
Size(approx): 32 x 78 x 102 mm
Power: 3W
Voltage: 5V
Package Included:
1 pc x CarPlay Dongle
1 Instruction Manual

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This wireless aftermarket Apple Carplay dongle can work with both iPhone (iOS) (Carplay) and Android phones(Android Auto). For iPhone, it can be a wireless connection -connect via Bluetooth. For an Android phone, it still needs to connect it by USB (wired connection).

Voice Control:
Support Siri/Music/Maps/Phone calls/Messages/Audio books.
The Siri function will help you call Route or any one of your friends.
Please notice our device’s operating speed is according to your phone’s ios speed.

Touch screen and HD Display:

(if your car is BMW, it support iDrive to control the carplay)

Directional control and view your phone on the car navigation screen with a USB cable.
Hands-Free and Safe driving:
Make/answer calls, check voice mails, text messages and bring up maps.
Listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, Apple Music or installed apps for hands-free.

Compatible Devices:

For iOS mobile phones ( 9.0 and above)
For Android mobile phones (5 .1 and above)
For Android car stereo head unit (4.4.2 and above)
(The product supports most Android market phones, but it’s not 100% supporting all Android phone and Android autoradio)

How to use the product:

1. Install the Apk to the Android head unit.
2. Connect the Carplay dongle with Android head unit (via USB)
3. Pair and connect iPhone’s bluetooth with car’s bluetooth (iPhone supports usb cable connection too); Android phone still need to connect by usb cable.
4. Car’s screen will enter CarPlay interface.


1. Original screen car does not supported, this product only works with Android system screen .
2, Even if this product fits on aparts of WinCE system, but we do not recommend it to customer.
3. Install APK before purchasing; to see whether install succeed.
if it install failed, this product will not support your car

Additional information

Weight0.100 kg
Dimensions5.7 × 5.7 × 16.4 cm





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