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Diamond Parking Sensor 4 Piece Set

95.00 AED

Diamond Parking Sensor 6 Piece Set

150.00 AED

camera with parking sensor

Universal Camera with Parking Sensor

100.00 AED

The conventional parking that we used to see few decades back, were usually neglected for ages or would have lost the importance of the message they carried. To eradicate the problem, the car parking sensors came up with the digital warnings, signs and instructions. We at bring you all.
The aim of when it comes to Buy car parking sensors Dubai is to provide car owners with compulsory and/or advisory details at the parking safety of sides walls. These can be used for many different reasons with the potential advantages of decreasing car drivers’ pressure, journey time and improving visitor’s protection. Car parking sensors are meant to assist motorists in choosing appropriate tracks preventing blockage and to decrease drivers’ stress.